Cuba- A Place Unlike All Others


An Elusive Island

Cuba is undoubtedly a place that most of Americans, let alone most of the world, has never been. Europeans, Canadians, and Latin Americans, among others, have been fortunate enough to visit this elusive land for all these years, while Americans, though only a mere 90 miles away, haven’t had a straight forward opportunity to go in many decades.

Fortunately for travelers looking to go there from the United States, former President Obama loosened travel restrictions to the island nation. So what did that mean to mean to me? Well, I said to myself, “I gotta get to Cuba!”

Getting from Costa Rica (and the US) to Cuba

Throughout my travels thus far, I’ve experienced over a couple dozen countries spread over nearly all of the continents. Many of those places share similarities and differences with other countries far and wide. However, Cuba had erred on the side of differences much more. It was a country truly unlike any other I have personally explored. The main reason? It is truly stuck in time!

Life in the 1950’s

It’s stuck in time: You may have heard that phrase used to describe Cuba before. Well, whoever you heard this from is spot on. Granted few of us ever experienced actual 1950’s Cuban life, but it’s close to what I would picture it as. Imagine a place where most of the cars rolling by down the streets are 50’s American classics, your old Plymouth’s, Ford’s, Chevy’s, Oldsmobile’s- cars that would be a collector’s dream, but are instead used for everyday commuting and as taxis. Some of these cars are in such great condition, you’d swear they just came off the assembly line last year and boast shiny, colorful paint jobs with glistening chrome bumper, rims, and trim. Some, on the other hand, show their age but have character from having spent over half a century on the road.


The cars are just a piece of the puzzle. Just look around. They’re constantly driving through the streets of Havana, which are lined with Spanish colonial era architecture buildings. Though the poverty has taken a toll on these buildings through the lack of upkeep, these as well add to the charm and character of the island, and when you find the more meticulously maintained structures, you appreciate their beauty all the more.

In our day of age, consumer electronics are all the rage and can be found nearly everywhere but that’s not the case in Cuba. Through with the passing of Fidel Castro, some electronics have recently hit the island under his brother Raul’s rule but they are far from common. Even internet is hard to find! Someone having internet in their home? No way. When you go to Cuba get ready to put away all your electronics except your camera. I found it to be surprisingly liberating anyways! People around the world weren’t on their phones or playing video games all of the time decades ago and that case stands true today there.

Beautiful Landscapes

The beaches, the beaches, the beaches. Pale white sand, aquamarine water, and a beaming sun radiating, the beaches are tough to get outside the Caribbean. Varadero is a great spot to be if you’re looking for this kind of beach alongside tourist-oriented amenities such as bars, clubs, shopping, and dining. Especially after a few days walking up and down the streets of Old Havana, this is a great place to unwind.

Unbeknownst to many, Cuba actually has mountains and caves. These provide fantastic views, particularly in the Pinar del Rio area surrounding the many plantations. Of course, the plantations that visitors are most interested in are tobacco, heart of the cigar industry.


Rum and Cigars

As I’m sure you know, Cuban cigars are renowned as the best in the world and I have to say, I believe they are. The micro climates of the Pinar del Rio region and other parts of the country are prime for tobacco production. Go ahead, smoke one or two or 10 fresh Cubans. Even go to a plantation and smoke them at the source! Oh and don’t forget to bring enough cash to bring some home as you family, friends, and your future self will thank you. Who doesn’t like the best in the world, especially if it’s so hard to come by?


The rum, my goodness, the rum. Caribbean rum is a favorite amongst businessmen and pirates alike. Cuba’s famous Havana Club rum is top-notch and usually in the vicinity of US$6 for a 750 mL bottle… you can’t go wrong! You just might have to find room in your baggage to bring some home as well (you know I did).

In Conclusion

Being that Cuba is full of culture, architecture, natural beauty, and timelessness I highly recommend it to an experienced traveler. Resulting from the lack of technology and capitalism, the country is challenging to navigate and get accustomed to. However, if you’re willing to take on the inconveniences, the rewards will be spectacular. You’ll fly back home with memories of a life time. Take plenty of pictures and indulge on the nation’s specialties. Leave behind your daily routines and come with an open mind, and if you do so, you’ll enjoy Cuba to the fullest.

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